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Monday, August 21, 2006

Wild Kingdom

Well the food poisoning was a lousy way to return to Tucson, but the recent rains have animated the desert. My house is a veritable Wild Kingdom. I need to get a 1960's Toyota FJ-45 to drive around my back yard and make documentaries for Mutual of Omaha.

This little bugger was wreaking havoc on my back porch:

His cousin had built a nest on top of the motor in my 4Runner and chewed through 4 electrical wires. I'm counting my blessings. Four wires is minimal damage. Pack rats can destroy a car.

They will be caught at a rate of one per night in my Have-A-Heart trap and relocated to the city park, next to the garbage dumpsters at Silverbell "Lake," the discharge of the wastewater treatment facility. (Tucson's version of the Ala Wai Canal)

Mrs. Dove has built a nest over my back door:

And the plants are exploding:

So now that food and liquids are going in and coming out the correct orifices and I am on the path to recovery, I hope to get out and enjoy the beauty of the desert. I don't have to go far.

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