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Thursday, July 31, 2008

In front of Waikiki

N 21 deg 16 min 6.5 second
W 157 deg 49 min 45.2 second

Well, we didn't go far, but at least we are underway. We are anchored in front of Waikiki, my old swim route. Tomorrow we are headed for Kaneohe and then we head for Kauai.
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I am getting good material for my novel. We are finally leaving Keehi Lagoon. Elmar did not pay for his mooring buoy this month (because he thought he was leaving) so the harbor master came by this morning and evicted us. Woo Hoo! I am not sure where we are headed, toward Kauai or big island, but at least we will be sailing>

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patience and Tolerance

Elmar's boat - Islandia

Well, things are not going as planned. Elmar had a bit of maintenance he wanted to complete before we departed, but these few tasks have turned into days of frustration. We have spent the last few days running errands:

A machine shop is fabricating a stainless steel bracket to hold the rudder.
Replace the cooling water temperature switch and the low oil pressure switch on the diesel engine.
Replace stainless steel pins on top of the mast.
Fill propane tanks, water tanks, diesel tanks, gasoline tanks
Buy food.

Elmar on top of the mast replacing some stainless steel pins.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it has been quite an ordeal. We are trying our best to follow the Dalai Lama’s instruction – to use these frustrating experiences as an opportunity to practice compassion, patience and tolerance.

Angela in the Galley slicing mango - Brits and their "tea time"

At the moment, it looks like we might be able to set sail on Wednesday the 29th. Unfortunately, Angela and I had a three week window to make the crossing and now that we have lost almost a week, we will probably not set out for Vancouver. Which may be a blessing. A trans-Pacific crossing would be epic, but island hopping in Hawaii will probably be more fun. So that is Plan B. Island hopping in Hawaii. We will spend a week or so cruising around Kauai or big island or something of the sort. When it is time to go home, Angela and I will just hop on a flight from Hawaii.

The satellite phone I rented works great for voice but is useless for data – Another frustration.

What to do when frustrated? Play the didgeridoo.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

At Keehi Lagoon

N 21º 19’ 05.9”
W 157º 53’ 42.3”

Elmar has really fixed up his boat.

Just kidding. This rat’s nest is on the mooring buoy next to Elmar’s boat.

Elmar’s boat, Islandia, is in great shape. We spent yesterday getting ready. We have a few pieces of hardware to replace on top of the mast, a bracket that holds the rudder, and the water temperature sensor and the oil pressure sensor on the diesel engine. Today we are doing laundry and going to Costco to buy food. We will probably depart on Monday and sail to the island of Kauai. If all goes well on our little shakedown, we will make for the open ocean.

Elmar, me and Dwight.

Angela’s luxurious berth.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Preparation and Balance

Last night's dream:

I had entered an Ironman triathlon, but was very busy with other aspects of life. I arrived at the start line after most competitors had finished the swim and already started the bike. I did the swim, entered the transition area and prepared myself for the bike ride, but I could not find my sunglasses. I looked for half an hour with no luck and thought to do the bike ride without them, but 6 hours in the sun and wind on the bike is no good - I needed glasses. I contemplated stealing or borrowing other competitor's glasses. A ridiculous situation to be in.

You can fake your way through a lot in life but an Ironman triathlon is not one of them. You must do the preparatory work and come race day, the race requires your full attention.

We had some folks from the local Hare Krishna temple speak to us in church today. Several of them spoke about their conversion. Their lives consisted of work and consumption. They were otherwise empty. They found Krishna consciousness and developed a spiritual life.

Two realizations today:

1. I am about to sail across the Pacific Ocean. I really should have done a lot more preparatory work. Once we embark, I really must be present in the moment, focused on sailing.

2. My life has been terribly out of balance this last year. Going forward, I must have a life outside of work.

It is going to be a crazy week. Lots of work to do Monday and Tuesday. Angel arrives on Tuesday to finish projects and watch the dogs while I am gone. My 42nd birthday party - dinner at Zeemam's and Steely Dan concert - is Tuesday night. Wednesday, fly to Honolulu. Wednesday afternoon field survey at Hickam AFB. Thursday and Friday business meetings. Saturday, on the boat and possibly headed out to sea.

Iridium satelite phone is supposed to arrive Tuesday.

Before we embark, I hope to post a bit of info about Elmar and his boat and a few photos from Keehi Lagoon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trans Pacific Adventure

July 23 - Fly Tucson to Honolulu
July 24 & 25 - Work meetings on Oahu
July 26 - Depart Keehi Lagoon on Elmar's 41' trimaran headed for Vancouver.

I will have an Iridium Satelite phone that will supposedly give me internet access. If it works, I hope to email daily postings to this blog. I'll post our location and if I am not seasick, I'll post a brief narration.

Saturday, July 05, 2008