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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Patience and Tolerance

Elmar's boat - Islandia

Well, things are not going as planned. Elmar had a bit of maintenance he wanted to complete before we departed, but these few tasks have turned into days of frustration. We have spent the last few days running errands:

A machine shop is fabricating a stainless steel bracket to hold the rudder.
Replace the cooling water temperature switch and the low oil pressure switch on the diesel engine.
Replace stainless steel pins on top of the mast.
Fill propane tanks, water tanks, diesel tanks, gasoline tanks
Buy food.

Elmar on top of the mast replacing some stainless steel pins.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it has been quite an ordeal. We are trying our best to follow the Dalai Lama’s instruction – to use these frustrating experiences as an opportunity to practice compassion, patience and tolerance.

Angela in the Galley slicing mango - Brits and their "tea time"

At the moment, it looks like we might be able to set sail on Wednesday the 29th. Unfortunately, Angela and I had a three week window to make the crossing and now that we have lost almost a week, we will probably not set out for Vancouver. Which may be a blessing. A trans-Pacific crossing would be epic, but island hopping in Hawaii will probably be more fun. So that is Plan B. Island hopping in Hawaii. We will spend a week or so cruising around Kauai or big island or something of the sort. When it is time to go home, Angela and I will just hop on a flight from Hawaii.

The satellite phone I rented works great for voice but is useless for data – Another frustration.

What to do when frustrated? Play the didgeridoo.


phyllis said...

All important stuff to take care of before you set off.
Something said historically about takin' a dame on your vessel. Butt loads of bad luck!!.

lag said...

Do you really know how to play that thing?? Was that your carry-on item? When are you back in the states?