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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Preparation and Balance

Last night's dream:

I had entered an Ironman triathlon, but was very busy with other aspects of life. I arrived at the start line after most competitors had finished the swim and already started the bike. I did the swim, entered the transition area and prepared myself for the bike ride, but I could not find my sunglasses. I looked for half an hour with no luck and thought to do the bike ride without them, but 6 hours in the sun and wind on the bike is no good - I needed glasses. I contemplated stealing or borrowing other competitor's glasses. A ridiculous situation to be in.

You can fake your way through a lot in life but an Ironman triathlon is not one of them. You must do the preparatory work and come race day, the race requires your full attention.

We had some folks from the local Hare Krishna temple speak to us in church today. Several of them spoke about their conversion. Their lives consisted of work and consumption. They were otherwise empty. They found Krishna consciousness and developed a spiritual life.

Two realizations today:

1. I am about to sail across the Pacific Ocean. I really should have done a lot more preparatory work. Once we embark, I really must be present in the moment, focused on sailing.

2. My life has been terribly out of balance this last year. Going forward, I must have a life outside of work.

It is going to be a crazy week. Lots of work to do Monday and Tuesday. Angel arrives on Tuesday to finish projects and watch the dogs while I am gone. My 42nd birthday party - dinner at Zeemam's and Steely Dan concert - is Tuesday night. Wednesday, fly to Honolulu. Wednesday afternoon field survey at Hickam AFB. Thursday and Friday business meetings. Saturday, on the boat and possibly headed out to sea.

Iridium satelite phone is supposed to arrive Tuesday.

Before we embark, I hope to post a bit of info about Elmar and his boat and a few photos from Keehi Lagoon.


Unknown said...

be safe. emi wants to wrestle you soon.

burnit said...

Heynow Scott! Steve, Jeff and I are anxiously awaiting your next update. It is the highlight of our day as we sit in the Poet's Cove marina drinking beer. The weather here is much colder than we experience in the carribean, so far no one is willing to hop in the water and go swiming. (we have made it up to Canada & cleared cusoms today without getting arrested ;)