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Sunday, July 27, 2008

At Keehi Lagoon

N 21º 19’ 05.9”
W 157º 53’ 42.3”

Elmar has really fixed up his boat.

Just kidding. This rat’s nest is on the mooring buoy next to Elmar’s boat.

Elmar’s boat, Islandia, is in great shape. We spent yesterday getting ready. We have a few pieces of hardware to replace on top of the mast, a bracket that holds the rudder, and the water temperature sensor and the oil pressure sensor on the diesel engine. Today we are doing laundry and going to Costco to buy food. We will probably depart on Monday and sail to the island of Kauai. If all goes well on our little shakedown, we will make for the open ocean.

Elmar, me and Dwight.

Angela’s luxurious berth.

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phyllis said...

wow--three men and a lady---haha!!! remember--what happens offshore-stays offshore. I'm sincerely envious. Nothing like the heat here in PHX to remind me off needing more vacation time--safe sailing to you all.
Post a pic of the vessel in your speedo