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Friday, August 10, 2007

To keep it, give it away

I have made some progress.

The bourgeoisie want to be in the safe and comfortable middle preserving their self.

The Buddha is in the middle, but has recognized that his self is no self at all, in that it is one and the same as everything else in the universe and that it is empty.

The bourgeoisie avoid existential angst by distracting themselves with consumerism, materialism, gluttony, …

The Buddha confronts the Void, the emptiness of all things, and is at peace with his ambiguous, paradoxical, meaningless role in the universe.

The bourgeoisie are self absorbed, egocentric, selfish.

The Buddha holds on to nothing, gives everything away, has compassion for others.

I think my discontent is rooted in inaction. I need to be living my values in the world in some way. I used to have the church youth group as an outlet, but since I was dis-invited, I have not been active in the world. I think I need to find another way to give myself away for the benefit of others.

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