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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Word Jumble

Reactive living vs. proactive living.
Emptiness, karma, and our responsibility in creating reality.
Being what we want the world to be vs. seeking an external savior (that does not exist).
Being responsible vs. being dependent.
Taking responsibility for assigning meaning vs. following the herd.
Knowing our own values vs. accepting society's vlaues.

It’s all the same thing, just different words. The words are jumbled in my head at the moment, but I hope to concisely express this realization soon and then apply it.

The Geshe Michael talk was excellent. He made the story of Je Tsongkhapa very relevant.

The mystics figured it out.

Do I use civilization to help me on my way, or do I use it as an excuse to remain stuck?

Why am I so afraid of making a mistake?

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