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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thinking Creatively

I buy a big catamaran or trimaran and outfit it with digital cameras, video cameras, and computers. I finish truck-a-saurus and have it fully outfitted for expedition. The KLR650 is ready to go and I get a little light-weight dirt bike. I get a trike with the big 912 four stroke Rotax and set it up with sand tires and pontoons.

Then I approach Telemundo or some other Spanish language TV station with this pitch: A Spanish language TV show in the style of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau called Mundo Mar-avillosa designed to inspire Mexican pride in their rich ocean environments – the Sea of Cortez, the Yucatan, Caribbean, etc.

JC said people protect what they love and people love what they take pride in. Get the Mexicans to feel proud of their ocean resources and maybe they will protect them.

Telemundo fronts the money for the expeditions. I hire a small crew of starving Radio-Television-Film graduates and we go off on quasi-scientific-exploration-adventures that we document on video and edit into one hour programs for broadcast. We want to appeal to the widest audience possible, especially people who have no appreciation for nature, so we get beautiful stars and starlets – pop music singers, telenovela actresses, etc. - have them beautiful and barely clothed but asking intelligent questions and showing a genuine appreciation for nature. We have PhD’s explaining environmental and government policy issues to the jiggly starlets.

The show is a huge success in Mexico. Telemundo and other broadcasters throw money at us and we expand to cover global environmental issues. We strive to not only identify environmental problems, but to propose realistic solutions and how they might be implemented – topics like government legislation and enforcement. We are not anti-industry. Our goal is to improve industry. In fact, we do episodes on industries – mining, petro-chem, pulp and paper – and identify ways to improve their environmental impact.

Will you help me pursue this?

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enigma said...

Check out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/commissioning/tv/network/genres/docs_detail.shtml#bbc1. Maybe start with documentaries about paragliding over the Sonoran desert. Something that's within your reach right now. Build from your successes.