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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mountain Biking can be a Beautiful Experience

Behind my house, before work one morning.

My first images with my new GoPro HD HERO video camera mounted to my handlebars. Recording the video is fun and easy. Editing the video is a nightmare. It seems that if you want to edit video, you need a Mac, and a powerful one at that. I am doing it on my PC with Adobe Premiere Pro, but it is not an elegant solution.

The camera recorded at 1280x960p, but this little web video is only 320x240, very compressed.


sheryl said...

The music is wonderful. The fisheye (?) view combined with the music gives me the same sense as when i hit the water and do a roll and can't figure out for a moment which way is up and which is down.

Manai'a Explorations said...

The music is Lisa Gerrard.
It's from the Whalerider soundtrack and it is called Biking Home.