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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Airstream Collides with Milky Way

I worked at a really remote mine site yesterday until quite late. I was driving home in the dark on a dirt road and stopped for a rabbit in the middle of the road. He froze in my headlights. There was a truck a mile behind me, and I didn't want the rabbit to get run over, so I got out of the truck to shoo the rabbit off into the sagebrush. I happened to look up, I was somewhere between 7000' and 8000', and was stunned by the Milky Way, much as the rabbit had been stunned by my headlights. I turned off my head lights so there was zero light pollution and took it in.

Tonight I stepped out of my 1978 Airstream trailer in the middle of Elko and snapped a 60 second exposure, f2.8, ISO 1600, of the Milky Way. Lots of light pollution here.

I'm planning on returning to the remote site in the next few days to make a serious effort.

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