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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Lieutenant Worf

Saturday night, the dogs and I camped at Whitewater Draw, famous for the Sandhill Cranes, true snow birds, that winter there. It was quite cold at night - the dog's water bowl froze solid - so the dogs and I snuggled under the sleeping bag and listened to the chatter of 20k Sandhill Cranes slowly diminish. In the middle of the night, a predator must have attacked the cranes, because there was suddenly a tremendous ruckus and the sound of flapping wings, a mass takeoff. In the wee hours of the morning, joining the chatter of the cranes was the distinct hoo-ing of several great horned owls.

Sunday morning, this fellow was perched in the rafters of an old hay shed right next to the campground. I named him Lieutenant Worf since his scowl reminded me of the Star Trek character.

Nikon 600mm @ f4, Nikon D80 @1/125 sec. and ISO 400, tripod with Wimberly head.

 Impossible eyes.
The talons of a carnivore.


Unknown said...

Great shot Scott. How fortunate to capture those images.

Anonymous said...

Excellent photographs worthy of National Geographic!