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Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Contemplative Celebration

Signal Hill just after sunset. Petroglyphs created by prehistoric people we call Hohokam, 500 to 1100 A.D.
Nikon D800E, 14mm, f22, 30 seconds. Metal Halide flashlight on the petroglyphs.
Elsewhere at Signal Hill, there are petroglyphs of antelope and humans, but I am always drawn to this rock with its spirals and suns. The spirals are for me a contemplation of infinity, an enso that never stops growing to encompass everything new, and the rays of light emanating from the suns remind me of the ancient Egyptian depiction of Aten radiating energy to Akhenaten and his family (Nefertiti and three daughters).
Today is Independence Day. Celebratory fireworks were going off as I took these pictures. I am very fortunate to have tremendous freedom and opportunity. Aten's flux radiates on me as well and the Hohokam artist's endless spiral circles around to encompass me and my photography and storytelling.

Of course, it is also possible the Hohokam artists were kids doodling graffiti.

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