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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Working In The Field Today

I was in the field today measuring the resistance to remote earth of ground grids around transmission towers. There was a terrific thunderstorm going off to the southeast right at sunset making a magnificent double rainbow. I got my point and shoot camera out and was photographing the rainbow. No tripod, so this was all hand held. I saw a lightning strike in the distance and heard corona on the overhead shield conductor right above my head, so I knew the lightning was hitting the line I was working on. Catching a lightning bolt by pressing the camera shutter is all but impossible as are long exposures during the day without a tripod, so I switched to video at 30 frames per second hoping to catch a lightning strike.


Update: Turns out, another photographer caught this exact lightning bolt from a location west of me. He posted his image on Facebook and it went viral. The story of his shot. His image.

Pretty photos (if you are a power systems engineer):

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