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Sunday, September 17, 2006

My neighbors are pigs

5:30 AM, 18 mile run through the desert. Delirious and exhausted at the end, I encountered 3 adolescent boys wearing camouflage and welding masks, shooting each other with pneumatic paintball guns. Too exhausted to protest, I ran right through the middle of their war game and brought the shooting to a stop. A few minutes later, only a mile from home, a large snake was in my path. He stopped moving as I approached. I greeted him and carried on, passing on the tail side. Another talisman trying to pass on a message.

Susan was on fire in the pulpit this morning. I will post a link to her sermon. It was unbelievably synchronistic and relevant to current events in Scott's World.

The neighbors came by this evening hoping to mooch some free food:

With a smile like this, I was inclined to oblige them:Look at these teeth!:

Unsatisfied, they searched my garage for something tasty (#1. Hey man. This welder smells like ass. #2. No man, You smell like ass. #3 Well get your nose out of his butt.):The kitchen is progressing. Here's the 360 degree view:>

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