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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ventura Highway

When I finished up with work in LA, I drove up to Ventura to hang out with Evan and his new wife Crys. Big shindig on Saturday night – Evan’s 40th birthday party. Old college friends coming in from all over. Should be a wild time, as wild as a bunch of married 40 year olds can get.

I ran 14 miles this morning through Sycamore Canyon, my old mountain biking haunt. The plan was to swim in the Pacific, but it was cloudy, cold and foggy when I finished and I could not bring myself to get in the water. Maybe tomorrow.


aspyre said...

I was at a convent outside of Ojai for three months. I ran errands in Ventura for the nuns.

zotzot4 said...

i was talking with the kids tonight (as thomas is watching the game, "go hook 'ems," he says) and asked him who was coming this weekend. "SCOTT!!!!" "and who is scott?" "he's my UNCLE!!!" "and why is he your uncle?" "because he's OLD!!!" - thought that might make your day. ;-)