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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looking underneath - SUPRISE!

My cell phone service provider suffered a small catastrophe a few days ago, so if you are having trouble contacting me, email is your best bet.

Photography buddy BillyD has a great image up at a photog magazine’s web page.

So I have lived without heat in my house for a decade or so, but between this being a severe winter and my body fat being lower than it has been in 2 decades, I broke down and dropped a small fortune to have a new heat pump installed. The HVAC fellows were here this AM to remove my old heat pump and they had a little surprise when they found a rattlesnake wintering under the condenser. I caught him with my handy string-in-a-pipe and took him out in the desert and released him. It’s a good thing it is cold because he was quite unhappy being disturbed and if had been warm he would have surely been more aggressive.

Last night I was reading before I went to sleep. Synchronicity at work:

The selective withholding of one's opinions must also be practiced from time to time in the world of business or politics if one is to be welcomed into the councils of power. If people were always to speak their minds on issues both great and small, they would be considered insubordinate by the average supervisor, and a threat to an organization by management. They would gain reputations for abrasiveness and would be deemed too untrustworthy ever to be appointed as spokesmen for an organization. There is simply no way around the fact that if one is to be at all effective within an organization, he or she must partially become an "organization person," circumspect in the expression of individual opinions, merging at times personal identity with that of the organization. On the other hand, if one regards one's effectiveness in an organization as the only goal of organizational behavior, permitting only the expression of those opinions that would not make waves, then one has allowed the end to justify the means, and will have lost personal integrity and identity by becoming the total organization person. The road that a great executive must travel between the preservation and the loss of his or her identity and integrity is extraordinarily narrow, and very, very few really make the trip successfully. It is an enormous challenge. – M.Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled

Exactly my experience inside corporate institutions. I must confess, I never found the extraordinarily narrow road. I was the insubordinate, threatening, abrasive, untrustworthy fellow.

And for the tail end of this post:

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