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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where Does the Money Go?

2010 Cash Flow

Mortgage 36.89%
Automobile 24.58%
Home Improvement 22.43%
Grocery 3.94%
Utilities 3.75%
Insurance 2.29%
Dogs 1.99%
Restaurants 1.39%
Accountant 1.08%
Exercise 1.01%
Camera 0.78%
Entertainment 0.74%
Deductible 0.49%
Fuel 0.33%
clothes 0.27%
Hair cut 0.08%


Robert B said...

You should spend more on your dogs! :)

Manai'a Explorations said...

A friend has a technique for deciding how to spend her time, energy, money, resources, etc. If it fills her with energy, she invests herself in it. If it drains her of energy, she avoids it. I seem to do the opposite. My houses drain me and yet all my time and money go into them. My dogs fill me with joy and I hardly have time for them.