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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Freedom for Chaz

Let me tell you about my tortured friend Chaz:

• 1979 National Merit Scholar
• American Field Service exchange student to New Zealand
• BA in Asian Studies, UC Berkeley
• Taught English in Taiwan for years
• Spoke fluent Chinese
• MS Anthropology, University of Arizona
• Traveled to the most remote parts of the People's Republic of China
• Studied tree rings in the Tien Shan mountains of China
• Ph.D. course work in archaeology, University of Arizona
• Participated in many archaeology digs in Israel, France and around the US
• Explored the Peruvian Andes
• Worked on fishing vessels in the Bering Sea
• Worked for the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) planning transportation improvements in southern Arizona
• Flew hang gliders and paragliders in New Zealand, Arizona and California
• Former president of the Southern Arizona Hang Gliding Association

Chaz froze to death two weeks ago, age 49, drunk and homeless in Seattle.

I am trying to be happy for Chaz, now that he is liberated from his pain, but it breaks my heart that pain killed such a spirit.

Chaz’s family requests donations in his memory be sent to http://www.compasshousingalliance.org/


Anonymous said...

What kind of pain and unhappiness did he suffer with? Very nice tribute to a super achiever. Mom

Leigh said...

What a tragedy. Scott, who was this?

Leigh said...

I now remember Chaz.