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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Gary and I left town in the dark this morning and drove through sunrise on our way to a remote mine site. The moon was a sliver of a crescent and Venus was very bright, leading the moon into the sky. In the dark, a pronghorn pranced across the road in front of us. Just before sunrise, we came upon four elk. Unfortunately the only camera we had was my crummy phone camera. The elk were not flighty at all. They slowly walked up the hillside away from us.

On our way home in the afternoon, we passed two pronghorns resting in a mowed field. I didn’t even try to take their photograph with my camera, but they were close enough we could see their pretty markings.

The Great Basin is a lovely place. It’s too bad there are so many rednecks stinking the place up. On the way home, we stopped to pee and I noticed some redneck’s proud display of his recent destruction.

The rednecks seem to be quite proud of their culture of destruction. They emblazon their pickups with stickers advertising as much.

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Anonymous said...

Years ago, I read that farmers and ranchers would hang a dead wolf or coyote on the fence as a warning to other wolves and coyotes to stay away. Mom