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Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Look down, or up, in contemporary Greece and you see that we are standing upon thousands of years of human history and evolution.
In the ditch along the Greek road side:
Philippi, as in St. Paul's letter to the Philippians:

Roman statuary presents the ideal human form. This one looks remarkably like Dad:
It's Greek to me, and Dad as well.
Ruins of a Christian church at Philippi.
The Roman public toilet, the poopatorium, at Philippi. Note the poop chute bench seating.
Church ruins.
This says something to the effect of, "I, the bishop of Philippi, in memory of St. Paul, dedicate this facility to something or other to do with Jesus."
St. Paul was not blessed with hairline.
St. Lydia, a woman of Philippi, convert of St. Paul, foundational in the Christian community.
Mothers bring their baby's shoes to St. Lydia and ask for protection. Ironically, there were no baby shoes under the icon of St. Paul. Perhaps it is his hairline?
Entrance to the church of St. Lydia.
Roman aquaduct in Philippi

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