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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Time is a relative thing

Jacques Cousteau excavated an ancient Greek shipwreck and recovered amazing artifacts, now on display at the Museum of Archeology in Athens.
1962, newlywed Dad
The old man in 2013, still fit enough to waterski.
Newlywed Mom, 1962
I believe she weighs the same in 2013

Picasso's inspiration? Ancient Greek bronze smashed by Christian zealots, much like the Taliban and the Buddha statues.

Beautiful Antinous, Hadrian's beloved.

Aphrodite, hiding her shame and beating off animal-nature Pan with her shoe, with assistance from Eros. You don't have to be a Jungian analyst to see the archetypal roots of Protestant American bourgeois sensibilities in Greek statuary.

An observation: The ideal male physique of the ancient Greeks is not terribly different than our modern notion of the ideal. Daniel Craig could pose for a statue of Poseidon or Zeus. Very different though for the female archetype. Aphrodite is downright soft. All around Athens we saw advertisements for a brand of women's clothing, Mango. Check out their twiggy model.

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