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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Activated Unconscious

So, I went to Denver on business. The first night, I could not sleep. It was as though I was buzzing on caffine, though I don't think I consumed any. Anyway, I never slipped into REM sleep and unconscious dreaming. I did dream in the early morning, but it was more like lucid dreaming. I was conscious, but not really controlling the dream. Just watching, with my conscious mind, even analyzing it in real time.

So I was exhausted the next day and I thought I would sleep really well, but I had the same experience the second night.

Both nights I dreamed about LAG.

So in the airport on the way home, I stopped in the bookshop and bought a Paulo Coelho book - The Witch of Portabello - to read on the plane. I had no idea what the book was about, but Coelho is one of my favorite authors.

The book is about the feminine face of God.

So my rabbi's challenge seems to have really activated my unconscious. I have been sitting at the Zendo for an hour on Saturday mornings as well.

And yet my conscious life continues on, almost on autopilot, though consumming a lot of energy. The ego is wonderfully useful, but it sure is stressful.

So last night, I slept in my own bed with two gassy BTs, and I slept wonderfully.
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