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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At Nualolo

N 22 deg 9.5309 min
W 159 deg 42.2372 min

Amazing day today. I swam with a pod of spinner dolphin. Like in the water swimming freestyle with 6' dolphin 5' away swimming with me. Their songs - squeeking and squeeling and clicking - in my ears like a conversation. Amazing.

Sailed down the NaPali coast line. Spectacular. I am coming back with a sea kayak and a trike.

Anchored at the Nualolo reef. Will spend tomorrow snorkeling. Friday to our last Kuau'I anchorage. Saturday we set sail for Oahu.

Satellite phone call tomorrow AM. Work conference call. We are pretty remote at the moment, though I saw lots of high tech antennas, probably military, on top of a pali a mile down the coast line.
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