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Monday, August 04, 2008

At Waimea Bay

Honu passing by Islandia in Kaneohe Bay
Kaneohe Sunset
Waimea Sunset

N 21º 38.5346’
W 158º 3.8672’

We left Kaneohe this morning and sailed a broad reach north along the windward shore of Oahu. Beautiful green Pali cliffs and half a dozen paragliders flying at Kahana. We rounded the north east corner of Oahu and sailed almost straight down wind, past the Turtle Bay resort, and into Waimea Bay. I went for a swim across the bay, followed a big ray across the sandy bottom, then went ashore for a fresh water shower with shampoo and soap.

I think we will spend Monday the 4th on the North Shore and then Tuesday the 5th we will head for Kauai.

This island hopping trip is working out much better than the planned Pacific crossing. The scenery is beautiful, we get to stop frequently in magnificent places and go swimming, the sailing is much more complicated so we are learning a lot, we don’t have to be frugal with our fresh water and food, the climate is perfect for shorts and tee shirts, etc.

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