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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Leaving Hanalei

Iridium satelite phone worthless for data connection.

Blackberry worked great as a modem on Oahu, but does not seem to work on Kaua'i network.

So I can only post from my Blackberry and the tiny keyboard inspires me to be brief.

Arrived Hanalei Bay:

N 22 deg 12 min 39.3 second
W 159 deg 30 min 6 second

After a 16 hour all-night sail from Waimea, a grueling experience that made me grateful we were not sailing for Vancouver.

Hanalei Bay - absolutely georgeous. Swimming, jogging on the beach, hiking around Pali cliffs, waterfalls, groovy little town with natural food store and open air restaurants. Lots of Trans-Pac racers anchored in the Bay. Meeting all sorts of racers, cruisers, even the owner of Spectrum Water Makers.

Today we will move 4 miles down the coast to Haena which is supposed to have a nice snorkel reef with lots of turtles and a 10 mile hike to Pali waterfalls.

In another day or two, we will sail past the Na Pali coast and begin our return south down the leeward side of Kaua'i, across the channel, down the leeward side of Oahu, past Pearl Harbor and back to Keehi Lagoon.

My client on Oahu is in a bit of confusion after the unexpected death of their project manager so I am going to meet with them before departing for Tucson. The memorial service is on the 22nd, but I don't think I can stick around that long. My clients in Tucson demand attention. And I miss my dogs.
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