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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ballooning over Cappadocia, Whriling in Konya

We took a hot air balloon ride through the crazy Cappadocia landscape.
I think Dad is ready to go up in the paraglider with me.

There must have been 20 balloons with a dozen passengers each.

After the balloon ride, we drove to Konya, home of Rumi, the mystic poet. Unfortunately they would not allow photos inside the mosque that has been converted into a Rumi/Sufi museum and Dervish performances are only on Saturday. Still, being a few feet away from Rumi's bones was meaningful. The turquoise minarets differentiate the museum from other mosques. Mixed in with the inconsiderate tourists were many Muslim pilgrims, praying before the sarcophagi of Sufi mystics. The pilgrims drink from the fountain outside the museum. Being germaphobes, we did not partake.

Konya is the bible belt of Turkey and you see more headscarves here than any where else. Several women around the museum were in black burkas.

I like this photo because only her eyes are sharp. Of course, I did that on purpose.
Konya street scenes from my hotel room balcony:

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