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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ephesus and St. Mary's House

The Romans had an amazing water and sewage piping throughout Ephesus, quite the civil engineering accomplishment.
The piping was short segments made out of clay.

Dad in an alley way.

The crowds of tourists at Ephesus were ridiculous. Can you find Mom in her pink hat? At any moment, there were six different languages being spoken around us.

Dad holds up a set of columns.

Mosaic flooring.

Mom in the sits in the Crapperium Stinkorium - the Roman latrine. Yes the little key hole is the poop chute.

Dad did not escape the joke either.

The library at Ephesus.

Lofty architecture.

The huge theater at Ephesus.

Looking back at the theater.

At the spring at Mary's House. Mom worked for John Tumpane in Turkey in 1962. Tumpane's book Scotch and Holy Water has a funny story about this spring.

Statue of Mary, mother of Jesus, photographed on Mother's Day.

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