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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Something like 25 million years ago, volcanic ash piled up and was later covered by a layer of basalt. Then erosion whittled away at the strata and left "fairy houses." The hard basalt at the top protects the soft tufa underneath.

Humans came along and found they could carve nice shelters out of the soft tufa - Hittite Troglodytes. 1300 years ago, Christian Troglodytes built their churches in the fairy houses.

Grape vines around the fairy houses.
Mom and Dad ready to hike the bizarre landscape.

The cresent moon rides a tufa wave.

A face full of personality.
Entertainment at lunch.

Frescos from 700 AD inside a church carved out of tufa.

Tufa condominiums.

The Greeks called him Priapas. The Turks call him Ali Baba.

Camel Toes.

Wool yarn colored with natural dyes, ready to be woven into a magic Turkish carpet.

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aspyre said...

The camel is wearing anklets! Pretty pretty camel.