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Monday, May 11, 2009


After a long drive, we are in Bursa at this hotel. Bursa is the site of Dad's famous snow skiing/dogchase story, but we will not have time to go up the mountain. Tomorrow we are off to the Green Moque, the Bosphorus, and Istanbul. But today, it was Sardis.

The lilies of the field were actually red poppies. Dad says Sardis is impressive.

The scale of it makes you feel small.

And the bulk of it is gone.

The mosaics on the floor are beautiful.

And the mosaics bake in the sun every day and the tourist wwalk all over them.

When framing a shot, I always look for the poppies.

Sardis was occupied by Persians, Jews, God Worshippers (Gentiles who found Judism interesting, but didn't want to be circumcised), Christians, Muslims, ...

And the artwork reflects the various cultures and faiths.


aspyre said...

I think God's interesting too, but certainly not worth being circumsized over. Keep posting these beautiful pictures!

Manai'a Explorations said...

Amen to that.