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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Most Fantastic Experience

So, we're on a small boat, motoring across the Dardenelle to cartch a bus to Istanbul. There are a dozen young Turks on the boat, several with musical instrument cases. One young man had what appeared to be a drum, so I sat down next to him and asked him some questions about his drum. The drum came out of its case, I played a few Afro-Cuban riffs, he was surprised I could play as well as I did, he tried to teach me some Turkish/Egyptian/Arab riffs (not successfully), a violin came out of its case, a clarinet followed, and the most fantastic jam session spontaneously erupted:

I love Turkey. I love the Turks. I love moussaka. I love baklava. I love raki.

I am getting fat.

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Unknown said...

i had such a great smile on my face when i was watching this