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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reunion in Izmir

Remember these pictures from 1963?

See the handrail that Dad is holding on to? Well here it is today:

The apartment building Mom and Dad lived in:
Address: Kabaalioglu (1403), Apartment #3, Penthouse
The building entry:
The back of the building showing the roof where the 1963 photos were taken:
The front of the building:
At the front door of their apartment. Dad wanted to knock. Mom did not want to disturb the school teacher who now lives there.
Another front view.
And then we met Mom's friend Jacqueline and her children for lunch. Mom and Jacqueline had not seen each other for 47 years.
Mom and Jacqueline.
Me on the left, Dad, Mom, Jacqueline, Sandra, Guido.

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