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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Pamukkale, Pamuk = Cotton, Kale = Castle.

Geothermal springs blasting out of limestone mountains. The hot water carries minerals out of the ground and deposits them on the surface. The Romans built aquaducts and bath houses here. Our hotel tapped into a spring called "Red Water" to feed their mineral/thermal bathing pool:

Even Mom got in for a soak. The feed water was supposedly at 55-58 degrees C.
Mineral scale on the soaking pool.

We visited the Roman city Hierapolis right in the middle of the hot springs.
That's not a snow capped mountain. The minerals in the geothermal water here are white, hence the name Pamuk Kale. So the wall structure on the extreme left is a Roman aquaduct. In 1962, Mom and Dad stayed in a hotel at the top center where the trees are.

It's a shame it was overcast and rainy. Pamukkale is a beautiful place. A photographer could spend days here.

On the road to Izmir.

Shopping for brass and copper ware in Izmir. Free cay for all customers.

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